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Stop the Bible in Malay and ban Christians the use of the word Allah?

By an insulted Muslim
Can the Malaysian government obliterate or ban the Internet completely, or ban Muslims from using the Internet? The whole Bible from "Genesis" to "Revelation" in "Bahasa Indonesia Seharihari" is available on the Internet.

I support the government of the day but I don't support stupidity.It's time Najib put his foot down and get rid of all that little napoleans before they get rid of him.

It is absurd to think that the Malays would convert to Christianity en masse because of the "Al Kitab" or would the government also like to ban the use of the word "Al Kitab" because it is in Arabic as some religious bigots would think is synonymous with Islam and has monopoly over it.

There must be something good in Islam that have made one-fifth of mankind walking the face of this planet.Roughly, 1.4 billion of the world population are Muslims and still growing.

I was a child of the colonial era where Christian missionaries abound in Sabah.I went to a government school where religion was not a factor and my girl friend who is my wife now also a Muslim went to a convent school, a Christian mission school where study of the Christian's scripture was compulsory.She got distinction in scripture.

Did she convert? No !

We keep the Bible,the Koran in Arabic and Koran with English translation in our home.

Have we converted. No!

My daughter finished her 'A' level in England with a chapel attached to the school which she attended once in a while.

Did she convert? No! She did even better than me, she and her husband donated many Korans to the poor Champ people of Cambodia and donated a cow as korban every Raya Haji.After studying for many years in England she came back with greater faith in her religion.

I go to church to attend funeral services every time my close Christian friends died.

Have I converted? No!

I still love my religion and fear of Allah.

So, please stop insulting us Muslims.


  1. What else can any illegal Government do?

    Our Government use the excuse of democracy to stay in power via the rigging of the General Elections by the Election Commissions - plain and simple as that. No legitimacy to speak of.

    Before the rot get worst as we have seen how a refugee who had sucked the assholly of most stupid Tun Mustapha had declared himself Sultan of Sulu and get away with it, why not appoint myself as Prime Minister of Interim Good Governance Government of Malaysia now. It is good for all.

    Patriotic Joshua Kong always.

  2. Hi Mr Joshua,

    Welcome aboard bro..

    Keep on writing..

    Cheers !


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