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Sesco lost RM120 million last year

This report, originally from Bernama, was pulled out tonight from publication by the news agency. This is what political leaders in Sarawak have tried to hide from the people. 
 SIBU: Syarikat Sesco Bhd, a subsidiary of Sarawak Energy Bhd (SEB), suffered losses amounting to RM120 million statewide last year due to meter, cable and power theft.

SEB senior vice president Aishah Eden said the central region of the state recorded the highest amount at RM60 million. Met after a dialogue session between Sesco and the police at the company’s premises in Deshon Timur Road here on Tuesday, she said Kuching was next followed by Bintulu and Miri.

She did not disclose the amount for each of them.

The company’s central zone manager, Charles Ha, said in a presentation earlier that in November last year, the Sibu area recorded losses amounting to RM7.015 million.

The situation worsened in December when the amount increased to RM7.325 million.
“Already in January this year, we have recorded losses amounting to RM5.782 million,” he said.

Ha said 48 units of meters were reported stolen last year while so far this year 32 units.
“For power thefts, the local hotspots are in Pelawan Road, Tuanku Osman Road and Sibu Jaya,” he said.

Meanwhile, Sibu police chief ACP Shafie Ismail gave the assurance that the police would give their full cooperation to Sesco in curbing theft cases involving its properties.- Bernama

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