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PR-ruled Penang: A different planet?

Whenever I cross the Causeway into Singapore I get the feeling that, "Wow! This is like a totally different planet, man!" I am sure you know what I mean, right?

Last week I spent a couple of days in Penang. You know, the island up north that is managed by the Opposition? I knew something was wrong the minute I crossed over the messy, Federal-funded and built Penang Bridge.

How come the Rapid Penang buses looked so clean??

Eh? Aren't those low-cost council flats? How come they look so clean and fresh with a new coat of paint some more??

How is this possible? BN keeps telling the people that the Opposition just knows how to complain about Federal government not giving them enough money to do things, right? Also BN proudly claims that the Opposition in Penang are marginalising the local Malays by holding back development and business opportunities right?

Then how come everybody here looks so happy? Okay, so 2 days isn't enough to make a proper survey but I must still admit that I was impressed!

Penang is in my country. Isn't it? Then how come Penang looks and feels so different? Didn't all the BN guys say that the Opposition can't do anything for the people and not to vote for them? But how come this state is prospering so well? How did it become the state with the highest foreign investment in 2010 followed by Selangor, another Opposition state?

Ah! And then I read in the newspapers that the Penang ppl who live on the mainland are getting free bus rides to work. Some more can park their cars for RM1.00 the whole day and ride bus to work. FREE! Is this the same Opposition government in Penang that BN keeps condemning all the time?

Ah! And then ah I also heard the Chief Minister Mr Lim make a speech to an audience of about 200 people at a book store.  Wah! I really tabik Mr Lim.  Damn best speech I've heard from a politician in years la.

He spoke about Penang and the people's collective efforts in building a great place to live and work and bring up family all. And he never once highlighted any one particular community for praise.  All are Penangites and all contribute and share and all got equal rights.

I tell you ah, after listening to him and enjoying Penang for 2 days I really felt like moving there to live permanently la. Friendly and happy people. Malays, Chinese & Indians living in harmony (except certain BN supporters of course). Clean environment. Efficient administration. Sun, sea and surf. What's there not to like?

Well, maybe just one thing la. The property prices there quite terror la. Don't know if can afford. But then in a place like Penang the rule can always be "If you're prepared to work hard the rewards are there to be shared". So yes I truly believe Penang is a home of choice.

And Mr Barisan Nasional, you can dream about taking back Penang from the Opposition. From what i've seen and heard from the local ppl, most of them are very happy with the DAP state gov. Mind you, this includes a vast majority of the local Malays as well 

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