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Joke:Stray dog from India

A stray pariah dog wandered into
a Malay compound one day. The Malays being kind and simple took care of the
pariah dog.

Everyday the pariah dog barked at strangers and the Malays thought... ok
let's keep this pariah dog and for it barks for us.

As the days went by the pariah dog became more and more brave.
It now knew that the Malays could be manipulated and decided to write a book
on the Malay Dilemma and barked and barked saying that the strangers
(Chinese and Indians) were taking away their food and rights.

The Malays listened and trusted it. They kept feeding it and it kept barking
and barking until one day it took over the whole compound. This time if any
Malay protested it bit them.

Many were bitten if they did not agree or go along with him.
The Malays now do not know what to do with this stray pariah dog
keeps barking and barking... today the pariah dog has successfully barked
and separated Malays from the others.

Once upon a time the Malays, way before this stray pariah dog came, no one
saw colors, no one saw religion.

By a twist of fate this stray pariah dog is now worshipped today as pedigree
dog by a group of his own stray pariah dogs. It's high time they put the
stray pariah dog to sleep before the whole village is destroyed.

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  1. Well, that pariah dog is none other than the Maha Fira'un a/l Kutty whose father came from Kerala southern India to Malaya in the early 1900s and married to a Malay lady and settled in Kedah. Got it now??


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