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Biblical signs to reflect

Sept 11th (New York)
Jan    11th (Haiti)
March 11th (Japan)

Luke 21:10-11
Then Jesus said to HIS disciples:" Nations will rise against Nations,and Kingdom against Kingdom.There will be great earthquakes,famines and pestilences in various places
and fearful events and great signs from heaven.'Jesus says for behold i come quickly"
So ask yourself are you ready *Sad to say many won't broadcast this message
Please  read below and pass on!  
Headline News  : 8.9  - 4 meter high tsunami hits Japan   

Please do not delete without reading it all.


A 6.3 magnitude earthquake hit New Zealand, the death toll stands at 100 and rising.
We're only into month 3 of 2011 but here are some major natural disasters that have taken place so far this year.
1. Earthquake magnitude 6.4 Argentina 2. Earthquake magnitude 5.2 Southern XinJiang, China
3.. Earthquake 7.1 magnitude Chile 4. Land slides in Brazil
5. Flooding and Hurricanes in Australia.
There are countless more I can mention.
Is this a coincidence????? Is it just global warming????
Matt 24: "There will be famines and earthquakes in various places"
We've also seen 5 major revolts take place across the Arabian/ Middle East Nations (Tunisia, Yemen, Egypt, Bahrain, Libya). Did I mention that all of these Arabian/ Middle East Nations hate and want to see the destruction of the nation of Israel? The Arab nations are undergoing a natural and Spiritual Shifting!!!! What's happening is Bible Prophesy coming to pass? Or is it a coincidence?
I'm saying all of this to say that all of these events have been foretold!!!
Christ warned us, He told us the signs to look out for, that we see these things coming to pass, know that He's coming soon. To everyone who is sleeping! I'm here to tell you that the count down is nearing its final phase! Wake up while there is still time. Not necessarily sleeping in literal sense but dulling and dumping the work of the master- which is living a Holy and Exemplary life and Witnessing Him to the Gentiles. Don't forget He will come like a thief in the night. Unexpectedly..
  ps: This is not a hype, this is to warn and educate us all. If you are on for Christ please forward this to all your friends NOT so that a miracle will come your way in 10sec, but because they need to hear the truth! Now my question is how many of you will just pass this message on without making a decision yourself to surrender your life to God....
  Don't care if you don't like this, delete if you like!
But this makes sense and has meaning!

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