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Dr Jeffrey set to quit PKR Thursday, December 16 ?

By Ezra Haganez
Kota Kinabalu, SABAH
: Sabah PKR strongman, Dr Jeffrey Kitingan is expected to quit PKR this Thursday, December 16, 2010 !

His supporters said the announcement is expected to be made at his scheduled press conference at Dowish Restaurant in front of the famous KDCA-owned Hongkod Koisaan building in Penampang.

The auspicious December 16 is the last day of Jeffrey's two-month leave. The date was also chosen, according to supporters, because it coincides with the Boston Tea Party revolt against colonialism power in USA long time ago.

An aide of Jeffrey, Philip Among, said his boss is holding the press conference "to explain his political destiny and the future of his struggle" and also "to announce the setting up of a movement".

Philip, who quit PKR weeks ago, is facilitating the press conference, where scores of Jeffrey's ardent supporters are expected to turn up.

Jeffrey has been tight-lipped on his plan. And so are his lieutenants Danial John Jambun and Mozes Michael Iking. Both Daniel and Mozes, are still under suspension in PKR for their involvement in the attempt to register a PKR-breakaway Parti Cinta Sabah (PCS) last year.

There had been talks also going round that he may lead a political party and work with a Sarawak-based party and AKIM, the peninsular-based party to be headed by Zaid.



  2. Jangan hangat-hangat tahi ayam dato,, lawan betul2 musuh2 malaysia timur! Ambi lah orang2 bijaksana tua atau muda unuk bantu. mana bole dibiarkan mlayan kasi buduh kita di Borneo.. KDM an Dayak dlah Tuan di Borneo bukan suluk atau bugis melayu !

  3. Apa juga kamu takut silat malayu tu, kita ada kuntau, sumpit malah santau.. napa tidak guna? sekaranglah mau pakai.. kih kih kih Sabah Sabah sanang di kasi budu ! Kalau saya kamu, saya kasi tumbang pairin dompok dan kurup kasi naik jefrey dan orang-orang dia kasi panuh tu Parlimen dan DUN dengan org r jeffrey barulah ada umpph.. Tapi kamu urang Sabah terutama Kadazan budu palui bah..

  4. Ah ini orang jeffrey alang-alang saja punya orang.. Age is catching on him and yet he doesnt want to do the obvious.. Get your own Party lar and send as many duplicates of yourself to Parliament! Jeffrey you are such a weak leader !!!

  5. Join Parti KITA by Zaid ?? Dont put your trust in another useless Malayan

  6. Dei YB Jefrey, lu butul butul lawan ka tidak ?
    Apa you cakapp.. mahathir ara bagus anwar banyak tipu? itu najib ada kasi you apa jugaaa..


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